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Planning Tips with Chancey Charm

We are super excited about catching up with the amazing Skylar Caitlin with Chancey Charm about all things wedding planning! Skylar is the incredible Wedding Planner and Designer at the lead of the Houston Chancey Charm location. She discovered she wanted to be a wedding planner when she was sitting in her Senior AP English class with a friend who had the same dream. Skylar enrolled in the Hospitality Management program at Auburn and discovered her love for events was so much more than a whim.


We did a fun little Q&A with Skylar and here’s what she had to say:


Let’s get to know you a little bit with a game of either/or…

Flowers or Chocolate? Can I pick both? Dark chocolate and gorgeous blooms are a match made in Instagram heaven.

Dogs or Cats? Dogs, 100%. I’m constantly lobbying my husband, Matt, for a four-legged baby.

Winter or Summer? Summer! I prefer sunshine and the beach to snow shoes and hot chocolate.

If you could only have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? A tie between bread and cheese. Oh, and macarons!

What would you say is the MOST important reason to hire a wedding planner? Having an advocate who’s been there. A planner can use their experience to provide you with a stress-free – or at least stress-reduced – planning process. Planners can recommend a tried-and-true team of vendors who will professional execute your vision within your budget. Planners can offer up design ideas that speak to who you are as a couple. And planners can handle all the little fires on your wedding day that you’ll never know even happened! What’s cool about the Chancey Charm team is that we can draw on the experience of planner across 13 different locations to provide our couples with the best information possible.

What is the difference between a planner and a coordinator? These titles get thrown around a lot and there isn’t a really unified industry standard, but a good rule of thumb is a planner is someone who works with you throughout the process to actually logistically plan items (i.e. contacting florists to get quotes, presenting the options, reviewing contracts, and any other to-do to get the florist booked.) while a coordinator is someone who takes the work you’ve already done and wraps it up in a nice little bow on your wedding day (i.e. contacting the florist you’ve already booked and sending them final table counts, layouts, etc. to ensure what you’ve planned is how you expect it to be day of.)


When should a bride hire a planner? I suggest booking your full-service planner 10+ months before your wedding, with 12 months being the optimum selection time. For a coordinator, this can be a little looser with many booking anywhere for 4 to 12 months before their big day. One of the perks of being a Chancey Charm coordination client is that you get access to our online planning program from the day you book us. Meaning you get the same planning checklist and processes we use with our full-service brides at your fingertips throughout the planning process.


Budgets. Where should a couple even begin? I could write an entire post about just this!

Tell us a little about your own wedding (colors, florals, food). What was your favorite part of planning your own wedding? As cheesy as it may sound, my wedding day was magical. Not because of the colors, florals, or food – although I’ll totally dish on that is a second – but because of how calm and sure I felt about making this huge commitment to the man I adore most in the whole world. It was such a blessing to have all of our friends and family near to witness that moment. Okay, now for the part you really want to know… Colors: dusty blue, grey, navy, gold, silver, and a bridal blush. Florals: Sweetpeas for my birthday month, Thistle for my Scottish heritage, Anemones just because they’re so pretty, and lots of dreamy greenery! Food: Family Style! We love dinner parties so passing food around the table was an experience we wanted to bring into our wedding day. Matt’s one request for the menu was Mac and cheese and everyone gobbled it up! Planning as a planner is no joke. You feel like the pressure is on to have the most gorgeous, most organized, most perfectly perfect day ever which really just isn’t reasonable. So our favorite part was planning our ceremony. It was super personal and meaningful to whom we are as a couple. It was a time when I didn’t have to stress over how something looked and actually got to dive in deep to what the day was all about.


That’s a wrap! We hope you’re even more excited about your own wedding planning process after learning more about Skylar and her Wedding Planning tips!