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Six Must Have Photos with Your Mom on Your Wedding Day

Mother’s Day may be over, but we’re still loving on mom hard this morning with this Must-Have List of wedding photos to have with your mom on your wedding day! And a perk of capturing these amazing photos with Mom on the best day of your life? You have the perfect gift to print and frame for Mother’s Day next year. 😉 

1: The Classic Photo, or what we like to call the “Mantle Hanger”. Stop and smile at the camera. You’ll cherish this timeless photo forever.

Tip: We recommend your mom join us for bridesmaids portraits before the ceremony. This is the perfect time to capture this one-on-one photo with her! 

2: Those final getting ready moments; Zipping your dress, putting in your veil. There is so much joy during this time of the day, and we love when we can share it with mom!

Tip: We recommend mom is dressed at this time so that she is excited for these photos as much as you are! 

3: Or, opt for a first look with Mom and capture those moments when she sees you in the dress for the very first time.

Tip: If you are doing a first look with mom, have your maid of honor and bridesmaids zip you into your dress. 

4: The in Between Moments; these are harder to put on a list because they are different for everyone, but when your photographer is on the look out for them, these in between moments are often the most beautiful of the whole day.

Tip: Don’t stress about getting these photos. The best in-between moments come when you are truly being present in your day. 

5: The Ceremony Shot — whether she is walking you down the aisle, or watching you say your I do’s, we love the smiles, the tears, and every expression inbetween.


6:  Killin’ it on the Dance Floor. Mom has fun at the reception too, so we love when we capture her joy and excitement on the dance floor.