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A Bride’s Perspective on the Wedding Day First Look

From the first time we meet with a couple we begin talking about sunset times, ceremony start times, and the wedding day first look. This isn’t because we want everyone to do a wedding day first look, and we certainly never want to pressure any couple into doing one. Rather, we want to ensure that the wedding timeline for your day allows time gorgeous light for your ceremony, your family portraits, and of course, your bride and groom portraits.

But whether or not to do a first look goes well beyond the timeline. You have to decide if it is right for you as a couple. This can be tough if a first look is something you had never considered before. You probably have a ton of questions and curiosities about what it will be like.

Which is why we asked two of our brides, Laura and Hanna, to share with us their perspective on the first look.

Laura and Joe got married at The Tremont House in Galveston, Texas last fall. When we first met, they were not thinking about a first look. During their engagement, they changed their minds and decided to see each other before the ceremony. Here’s what Laura has to say about the experience.

Why did you decide to do a wedding day first look?
We decided to do a first look due to timing. We really wanted to enjoy as much of our reception and guests as possible. Doing a majority of our pictures beforehand allowed us to get to the party sooner. 

Did you have any hesitations before deciding to have a first look? Did you end up loving it or regretting it?
I did have hesitations. I always pictured the first look being made walking down aisle. I wanted the doors to open and see Joe with tears in his eyes. Happy tears, not sad!  But I ended up loving it. It took the nerves away and allowed me to get some tears out. I didn’t want to ugly cry down the aisle! 
How did you feel walking down the aisle after already seeing your significant other for the day?
I felt great. Excited! It’s a completely different feeling walking down the aisle towards your soon to be husband. 
Hanna and Matthew got married in March at Ranch Austin. They decided to do a first look early on in their engagement, and the day worked out perfectly with the decision. It rained on their wedding day, but it didn’t start until after their first look, so we had already captured all of their bride and groom portraits when the rain started to fall. Here’s what Hanna had to say about the experience.
Why did you decide to do a first look?
I personally was a little nervous being in front of so many people, I’m not a center of attention kind of girl. Even more so, for me, it was a special moment for just me and Matthew to share together. 
What are your thoughts looking back on your first look?
Matthew said “I loved the first look”. I had so many nerves all morning, I felt more laid back and relaxed after we did it.
How did you feel walking down the aisle after already seeing your significant other for the day? Was it still special? Was it different than the feelings during your first look? 
Walking down the aisle, I felt like I was able to soak in every single thing around me. I still had butterflies, and some nerves, but I felt more confident. Matthew is my person, my safe spot, and walking in front of almost 200 people was a little less intimidating. I’m not sure why, maybe it was like we had our “thing” that no one else knew anything about. 

We hope this helps you and your significant other decide on whether a first look is the right decision for you.